Come on in!

Posted July 10, 2017
by Debbie


Well, hello!

Just like meeting someone for the first time, first impressions matter. The same applies to your homes entry. The entry or foyer of your home introduces your guests to your design personality and sets the tone for the rest of your home. Whether your home is foyer-less or includes a stately, elegant vestibule, you can create a welcoming space that creates the right first impression.
If the layout of your home is designed to welcome guests directly into your living space with very little designated entry area, you can still carve out a small area to introduce your design style, and provide some needed function.
By adding a small table, hall tree, or bookcase, you can provide a place for mail, keys, sunglasses, phones, umbrellas, and hooks for purses, jackets, and hats. Add a favorite family photo and an accessory or two, and you’ve created a welcoming entry.

Transitional/Eclectic Design Style

Farmhouse Chic Design Style

If your home offers a designated space for an entryway, create a vignette that previews the design style of your home.  Utilize as a focal point a bench, cabinet, dresser, side table, or console with a large mirror above.  A mirror not only offers reflective light, but gives you one last opportunity to check “your look” before venturing out!  Add some accessories such as a vase of flowers, trinkets and treasures, baskets, or a candle that introduces a refreshing fragrance to your home upon entry.

Transitional/Eclectic Design Style

Coastal Contemporary Design Style

For grand, spacious entries, the scale, lighting, balance, and warmth are important design elements to consider.  If ample doses of each are not offered, a spacious entry may feel uninviting and cold.  Go big in your furniture and go tall in your wall decor and accessories.  Balance the space by doubling the accessories such as two lamps on your console, two stools or chairs, or two, large wall sconces.  Adding a large chandelier as a focal point will draw eyes upward and add glamour and intrigue to your space.  Include custom trims and moldings, and by treating your walls with a warm paint color, wallpaper or by adding wall texture, it will help to minimize the space, make it more inviting.

Traditional Design Style

Large and moderately sized entryways also allow for flooring changes that visually accent the entry area. Natural stone, stone medallions or mosaics may be used for the entry, and then the flooring surface may transition into other flooring materials as you enter another room.

Traditional Design Style

Modern Minimalist Design Style

Traditional Design Style

Traditional Design Style

Lastly, by adding a area rug to your entryway it will define the space and add texture, color and functionality.

Transitional/Eclectic Design Style

Creating an inviting entry will make you feel at home and welcome your guests by enveloping them in your design style.  Your entry is a gateway to happiness, and will direct your guests to the heart of your home.

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