Privacy Please. “I love Plantation Shutters”

Posted August 05, 2017
by Gail


What customizing aspects are you most excited about for your new home?  Hours can be spent thinking about selecting countertops, backsplashes, shower tiles, and flooring…but often, not as much thought is given to windows coverings. You’ll be grateful your design professional took time to discuss your window covering options with you, preventing your home from being a fish bowl for your neighbors.

Plantation shutter louvers are available in 3-1/2” and 4-1/2”. A larger louver offers greater views, and can be opted for with a hidden tilt rod or a more traditional tilt rod.

Plantation shutters can be an excellent choice for your home whether your design style is traditional, transitional, or contemporary. With the help of your designer, your home can display elegance and beauty while offering a sense of you.

Shutters carry a captivating architectural element to your home that will last a lifetime and never become obsolete.  Shutters also add value to your home as they become a permanent design feature.  They offer privacy and still allow the natural light into the room that you can control by a simple tilt in the rod. They are a flawless choice for large windows that are found in many new homes today. Adding a wow factor to those grand arch windows and french doors.

Shutters are available in either Basswood or Vinyl.

Basswood shutters: Made of wood, they offer greater options for colors and finishes as they may be painted to coordinate with window casings and trim. They may also be stained to coordinate with cabinet finishes, stair rails, and even wood flooring.

Vinyl shutters: Having the appearance of wood with the protection of vinyl. These are a great choice for bathroom windows due to the presence of moisture.

When determining how your shutters should be installed, your designer will consider window spacing, shape, size, and casing to name a few. That determination will help you decide if the window requires an inside or outside mount.  Divider rails will allow the top and bottom to operate separately. Both basswood and vinyl shutters are effective insulators without hanging cords. Boasting a safe alternative for homes with small children. Safety and energy savings are a valuable benefit! Both shutter choices are easy to clean and maintain.


Shutters are an excellent choice when personalizing and enhancing your home, giving you more time to sit back, relax, & enjoy.


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