Tile in Every Shape and Size!

Posted September 02, 2017
by Lisa


Gone are the days of small square tiles. What size is best for you?

Today’s consumer has more choices in tile size than ever before. Selecting the best size for the location in your new home is key. You may love the look of subway tile for your kitchen backsplash, however the better selection may be to use a small mosaic tile or small brick-style tile on a small area.

Did you know that a large tile in a small room can translate into the room looking larger? This is an especially nice usage of large tile for small bathrooms or powder rooms. Consider using a large tile with a matte finish and coordinating grout in a small space. This will give your space a modern and stylish finish and create a simple, uniform appearance with little distraction, making your room feel larger.

Small tiles in a large open area may appear busy and overpowering.

You may want to select a large format tile such as a 12” x 24” installed with a straight or staggered set pattern. 24” x 24” tiles, herringbone or Versailles patterns are also terrific for large open areas. Using a contrasting grout color to the tile, makes the individual tile stand out, which may result in a dramatic look. Some newer tile choices such as a rectified porcelain, are designed to be set with minimum grout joints. This is another feature which may enhance the flow of the room and allow a small space to appear elongated.

Selecting the tile color can also have an impact on the overall look. Only you can decide what color is best for your style and taste. But some points to remember are; darker colors are warm and minimize the appearance of dirt, while lighter color tiles may make a space look larger. Neutral colors are timeless and allow for an easy change out of accessories. But if you love a certain color that is trending; go for it! Just keep in mind you will be living with it for a while and it could date your home.

Select a minimal tile pattern for your backsplash or shower design if your opting for a patterned floor tile. It’s important to not create a visually overwhelming space.

Always consider the size of the tile, pattern, color of tile and grout, and the size of the area the tile will be featured in. Or you may love big and bold. That’s the wonderful thing about design, with all the wonderful options in tile these days it’s never been more fun to express yourself!


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