Upgrading the builder’s carpet

Posted May 23, 2018
by Debbie


There are few events in life more exciting than buying a new home.  It’s an exciting time that offers significant meaning but also includes many important decisions.  Depending on the builder of your new home, what you’re offered for options, countertops and flooring can vary significantly.  Carpet is generally offered as a large part of the included flooring package.



Builder’s included carpet


The builder’s carpet that is included in the base price of the new home is generally a cut pile carpet that is installed wall to wall in the living & dining room, hallways and all bedrooms.  The carpet will most likely be a 24-ounce low pile product installed over a 3/8” 5 lb. carpet cushion.  While the builder included carpet and pad will do for some homebuyers, there are many benefits to upgrading these options.


Builder included carpet


Included or upgrade?


By considering a carpet upgrade, the benefits will include a significant increase in fiber weight contributing to improved durability, and a tighter twist which will contribute to a carpet that will be better able to withstand traffic and resist crushing.  In addition to the improved quality, upgraded carpet offers an endless choice of pattern, style and colors available, as well as superior stain resistance.  The builder also credits the cost of the included carpet into the cost of the upgrade.


   Upgraded carpet


Budget considerations


If you purchased a new home, one of the reasons may be that you didn’t want a fixer upper.  Replacing the flooring in a few years is disruptive and not the best use of your money as you’ll be replacing the carpet without the credit the builder gives for the included carpet.


If your budget allows, select the highest carpet quality that is offered, and especially the highest quality of carpet cushion.  While you’ll be spending more up front, you’ll be insuring the carpet against traffic wear and tear, stain and soil, and the cost of replacement.  Additionally, you’ll be enjoying the comfort, durability, and aesthetics of your new carpet.

Many builders offer an “add to loan” option that allows the new homebuyer to incorporate their upgrades into the home loan.  This option allows the homebuyer to invest in their home flooring with a minimal deposit, and only a small increase in the monthly home payment.




Now that you’ve upgraded your carpet and pad to fit your lifestyle and your family needs, and it feels comfortable, offers insulation, cleans up well, and looks gorgeous, throw yourself a little housewarming party and enjoy new home ownership!






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