Wallpaper is Back

Posted November 16, 2017
by Debbie

Wallpaper is Back with New and Exciting Twists.


Fashion and interior trends are cyclical, and like all great trends, they come back with new and exciting twists.  Wallpaper is no exception and it’s returning in a big way.  But the wallpaper designs that we’ll see in 2018 will look nothing like Aunt Margaret’s living room!  The wall to wall, flowered-patterned relics of the past are just that . . . in the past!  The new designs are inspiring, unique, and sophisticated.

Geometric Wallpaper


Yes, geometric wallpaper patterns have returned!   But not like the patterns of the 70’s!  Remember this?



Geometrics Rein-visioned


In that decade, the patterns could be overwhelming.  Often an entire room was papered and the colors could be bold and energetic.

But when balanced correctly today, wall paper can create impactful, visual interest in a room but with a calmness to the interior. Color choice and pattern scale is important when selecting a geometric pattern for any room.  Pay close attention to the colors. Neutral colors add a sophisticated and understated feel to large rooms, and the rigid structure of the pattern can create a foundation for other patterns in the room.  The pattern scale is critical as well.  Select a pattern that is comparable to the scale of the room you are decorating to avoid overpowering the space.




Digital Print Wallpaper


If you’re feeling creative and dreaming about a wallpaper that is unique, digital print wallpaper may be for you!  Digital print wallpaper is a one-of-a-kind design that you help create and you can select any image.  There are many companies that offer this service and by sending them a high-resolution image of your choice, and they will print your photo on large panels that adhere to walls.  This application can be especially fun for children’s rooms.  This wallpaper gives new life to flat walls offering images that give texture and 3D surfaces such as bricks, bamboo or wood.





Metallic Wallpaper


Although seen in interiors in 2017, metallic wallpaper continues as a strong trend in 2018.  Metallic wallpaper adds an extravagance to your room by emitting a slight sheen and a sleek, elegant design.  These patterns are an optimum choice for more formal areas such as the dining room, foyer, or even in a master bedroom. Metallic wallpaper is a bold selection and “less is more” is a design theory appropriate to this application.  Covering only one accent wall as a focal point will keep the wallpaper from becoming overwhelming.  If you are interested in covering the walls of a room entirely, opt for a small room such as a powder room.  The reflective quality of metallic can help make your room appear larger and offer a luxurious welcome for your guests.




Wallpaper goes beyond the wall!


One of the ongoing trends is to add wallpaper in non-traditional areas.



  • Add wallpaper behind a shelf to tie colors together and add focus to the shelves.
  • Use wallpaper in frames to create a gallery wall.
  • Add wallpaper under a glass table top.
  • Cover a chair seat or backrest with an interesting wallpaper pattern.
  • Line dresser drawers with wallpaper.




Taking it over the top!




There’s no denying that wallpaper has reappeared from our past. With selections from geometrics, digital images or metallic wallpapers, today’s patterns, scale, and colors are decades apart from what we all remember.



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