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Our team shares what brought them into the world of design, what inspires them,  and their favorite spaces to get creative.


I have always been drawn to color and design. From the time I was in elementary school my first love was art and art projects. I was fortunate that my parents recognized my passion and enrolled me in as many art classes as were available.



As a young girl I always admired other people's homes. I would save the money that I earned and buy decor for my room. When my family would leave for weekend outings I would rearrange the furniture or paint a room in our home. At one point my grandmother pulled me aside to tell me what an interior decorator was...and from that point on I knew that is what I was going to be, but I took it one step further and became an interior designer.



My love of design started as a child when I would visit model homes with my broker dad.



My favorite spaces to design are kitchens and powder rooms. This is the place where most people want to be creative.



I don't have a favorite space to design - I prefer to design a whole house as I think it is a unified thought process and a challenge to come up with a cohesive design where the house takes it's own personality. But if I were to have a favorite space to design, it is the kitchen, baths, and floors. Given the amount of time we spend in these areas, they deserve every attention we can give to making these truly special places or areas.



My favorite space to design would have to be the master bathroom. Here you can create your own oasis that fits your personality and needs without having to share the space with anyone else.



One of the most impactful design experiences I've had was working with a newlywed couple who bought their first home - we were able to design it the way they wanted on a limited budget.



My mother sold furniture when I was young and we were always changing rooms around. I took a class and it was the first time school was fun for me. I continued until I got my first job in Design. It's the only job I've had in the past 25+ years other than being a Mom!



I love designing Kitchens & Great Rooms - the heart of the home. When designing kitchens there are so many details to think about. From cabinets to hardware, appliances to paint, lighting fixtures to counters to back splashes, its easy to create so many different beautiful designs.



I was working with a home buyer who walked one of my previous home buyers houses and as a result called to upgrade her entire home to be just like theirs. She liked everything from cabinets, to plumbing fixtures, stairs, counters, showers, floors to replicate it all.



My favorite part of working with home buyers is seeing them so excited in the end when the home comes together and they are loving everything they picked!



I find design inspiration from everywhere around me. It can be colors in nature, the background colors in TV shows and movies, a magazine ad, fashion. And, of course, always the new finishes (carpet, tile, wood) that I see from our vendors, that are on the cutting edge of design.



I remember working with a buyer who at first laughed when I said that by the time we select everything they would have fallen in love with their choices. He laughed and said not possible until the end of our appointment when all was selected and he said, "I love my floors."



I enjoy working with home buyers and doing everything in my power to make this the most friendly and pleasant experience they'll ever have building a home. This is not a high-pressure environment, it's fun!



Kitchens are my favorite space to design. I consider it the hub of the home. It is where guests gather and families cook together. Mixing painted and stained finishes with different countertop textures and colors, can really give the kitchen a warm, custom look.



In working with home buyers, I love the end result and taking them there. I love to hear how happy they are.



Design is everywhere so it's easy to be inspired - I am truly inspired with my surroundings. From art, to magazines, to enjoying architecture and mother nature. Simply chatting with my clients feeds me inspiration as well to personalize their space.



I have always enjoyed being creative. I love transforming a space into a place that evokes emotion and makes you feel comfortable with your surroundings, an environment tailored to your personality.



I not only enjoy getting to know my homebuyers, I'm fulfilled when they are genuinely happy with their finished design plan. I love it when home buyers share photos out of excitement, of their home after they've moved in.



I knew right away from a young age that "home" is the most special place to be. I wanted to help create "homes" for people that made them feel comfortable in their space and a place that they would create memories with family and friends. I knew I wanted to create spaces that people could come home to and enjoy after a long day's hard work.



Inspiration is all around us! I follow several celebrated interior designers. I read their books, I follow their portfolios and that's usually where I start because those designers for me, set the design bar. I believe that fashion and interiors go hand in hand so I love to take new fashion concepts and translate them to interiors. Whether it's color, texture or pattern, I tailor it down to a warm, comfortable environment with classic elements that will last for years to come.



I have always been in the Construction and Real Estate Industry. I have focused on Design because it lets my creativity flow.



I've had so many design experiences that have impacted me. I love it when buyers call or email me when they move into their home and say thank you we just love it. That is why I do this!


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