3 Ways Virtual Design Can Help You Enhance Closing Rates

Posted September 11, 2020
by Jennifer Kamenca

Jennifer Kamenca

When we talk about Momentum Design having a direct impact on closing rates, it’s easy to see how. Here are three ways virtual design visualizers can help you increase your closing rates.


In the “2020 NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generation Trends Report”, 84% of buyers surveyed said they frequently use the internet to search for homes, and 44% said looking online was their first step in the process.

Before the recent pandemic, 60% of buyers between the age of 22 and 54 found the home they purchased online.  That number undoubtedly has increased substantially since COVID-19.

Having a website that has engaging, dynamic content has never been more critical.


With Momentum Design™, we provide you with a link to the virtual designer to share on your webpage. Buyers can see each of the beautiful plans visualized, all the products you offer, and start designing their new home before visiting the sales office. The design studio model forces buyers to wait until they’re under contract to fall in love with their new home.

With Momentum Design™, there is no waiting. Buyers get vested far earlier in the buying process, increasing builders’ closing rates.


Visualizers like Momentum Design™ provide online chat directing interested buyers back to your sales team. Our online chat is powered by our very talented designers who can answer questions, engage potential buyers, and capture leads. Online chat is the perfect added lead generator.



The right virtual design visualizer can be a powerful tool in increasing your closing rates. Buyers make decisions well before entering a sales office, and Momentum Design™ is the perfect program to capitalize on changing buyer behaviors by helping your website stand out from the rest so you can enjoy higher closing rates.


We’d love the opportunity to talk to you more about Momentum Design™ and walk you through a customized demo.  Just click on the blue bar below for more information.


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