Big Design in Small Places

Posted November 03, 2017
by Carla

The smallest rooms can have the biggest impact.

When designing our interiors, we often become so immersed in making design choices for the kitchen, living room and bedrooms, it can be easy to forget about the bathrooms.

What does your powder room say about you?


From the secondary bathrooms to master bathrooms, and especially the powder room, which are relatively small but impactful spaces, these areas cannot only make your guests feel special, but can also become a domain of personal indulgence for the homeowner.

Bathrooms tell a story.


Virtually everyone who visits will see this room at some point so have fun with the design and create a space that is special for them.  It’s the perfect space to create a little drama with just a few touches.  Select one of the beautiful mosaics available today for the wall behind the vanity to add a little texture!  Add an interestingly shaped mirror, a dazzling pendent light for reflection, and you’ll have a powder room that leaves an unforgettable impression.


No rules apply. 


Secondary bathrooms are important when someone stays in the home for just a night or for an extended stay.

There are so many interesting and beautiful wall and flooring tile choices on the market today. A 3” x 6” classic subway tile coordinates with any style and because of its simplicity, by adding a mosaic or accent tile to the shower niche and pullman backsplash, a custom and unique design can be created.


Master bathrooms can be a private domain or a show piece.


The master bathroom is generally a larger space which allows for more creativity in designing a custom haven reflecting a homeowner’s personal preferences.  Regardless of whether your design style is more modern minimalist, transitional eclectic mix, traditional or farmhouse chic or contemporary coastal, the choices of tile, stone, glass, and metals for design offer an endless way to showcase this important space.

By combining a marble brick pattern with a glass mosaic, a transitional eclectic mix style can be created that will coordinate with any decor.


What’s your style?


For a more contemporary look, using a large format tile in a variety of patterns can make a major statement in the master bathroom.


Mix it up!


By adding contrasts of color, texture, mixing materials and utilizing different sized tiles, a well-designed

bathroom can make a guest feel welcome.  In the master bathroom, these same design elements can make a homeowner feel that they have entered an oasis to enjoy at the beginning and ending of each day. Remember to select design finishes for the bathrooms as part of the complete home design process.


Have fun and let the creative juices flow.


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