Expressing yourself has never been so easy.

Posted July 27, 2018
by Doreen

There are some interesting trends on the horizon in interior design.



Never before has there been such a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns to choose from. Regardless of paint, tile, carpet and wallpaper you’ll be excited at all the personalization possibilities.

1. Granite and Marble countertops are timeless and beautiful however, homebuyers are embracing the durability and the wide variety of Quartz products.

Quartz comes in a large variety of colors and some are even designed to mimic the look of marble. New designs and colors are becoming readily available every day.

2. Brass is back!

While our favorites are still around: Chrome, Satin, Oil Ribbed Bronze, and Brushed Nickel. Shiny Brass is taking its place at the top. Mixing and matching metals can take a room from traditional to transitional.

3. Stainless Steel sinks are still classic, but now you can add a touch of drama by selecting something out of the box.

Did you know you can have a granite or beautifully hand carved stone sink, or even a cast iron apron front single basin sink framing your countertop? Count me in!

4. Two tone cabinets within the kitchen design are popular, and bleached cabinets are becoming a huge trend!

Who says the island has to “match”, we don’t use that word. We blend your style choices to have an overall look and feel all your own.



5. Subway tile, although classic, is starting to be replaced with more texture, pattern and colorful tiles.

Patterns say something special about your lifestyle.



6. Wallpaper is back, never the entire room.

Big and bold on a feature wall sets the mood and gives any room personality.



7. Lighting has never been so important in interior design.

Many designers begin with lighting to inspire the complete room design.



8. Color is in!

The trend is moving towards bright, strong shades. Color can be seen in everything from cabinets, accent furniture, fabrics, appliances, and much more! This move towards color is shown in every room.



The colors for 2018 are bold and bright:

For drama; violet, purple, navy, bright blue and indigo blue hues. Shades of sage, celery, teal, black forest and emerald green. Even Pink in all its glory is popping up everywhere!Shades of bubble gum, sorbet, and hot pink found in textiles and wall colors.

Warm earthy tones to include brighter oranges, mustard yellow, rich browns of coffee, caramel, and chestnut, the oranges found in fall foliage, and brown orange.

Last, but not least, is Black the new White? A minor change can make a huge impact. Watch for it in metal finishes, painted woods, stone and even in the kitchen sink.



Interior design trends are exciting, inspiring, and always forward thinking.  For someone considering a new home or remodel, always design with the style and colors that you love!  Remember to keep it simple, and allow your design professional to assist you with ideas to make your home special for your family while reflecting your personality. Your house should always be a place you want to Come Home To.

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