Feature Walls

Posted August 13, 2018
by Cheryl

Do you have a blank wall that you simply do not know what to do with?


A feature wall, also known as an accent wall is a great way to pull focus in a room, and create an eye-catching statement.  Some walls become a focal point naturally because of placement of a big screen TV, fireplace, or another dominate feature in a room.   A feature wall is a portion of a room that has a special treatment that can pack tons of style into any area, so you don’t always have to invest in a lot of materials to make the wall stand out.  This design trick is all about taking a blank wall and embellishing it with unusual textures, bold colors or prints and even treasured mementos.  Here are a few pictures to help with ideas and ways you can create your own special look.



Accent walls don’t have to scream at you to get attention.


Though bold treatments can be a lot of fun, a subtle shift in color, pattern, or texture is very effective in elevating the design of this space.  In this living room, horizontal pieces of wood attached to the wall create a paneled look behind the TV.



Adding warmth and visual interest


In this office space, horizontal pieces of wood attached to the wall help boost this work space to a new level of liveliness.



Using texture for a subtle approach


On one wall behind the bed, wood has been attached to the wall in a pattern design then painted all one shade of white; it’s a gentler approach that still draws the eye.



This feature wall really makes a stunning statement and shows you that tile doesn’t only have to be used for flooring.  This beautiful white tile really creates a dramatic entrance into a small space by creating some visual interest.



High impact feature wall


Try adding a bold paint shade, sometimes it is the simplest solution and works wonders.  If you’re looking for a low effort, high impact feature wall, choose a bold paint shade, paint one wall and you can have a room update completed in an afternoon.




Creating moments within your living space make a blah room a work of art and an expression of your personality.  Get creative!

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