Granite vs. Quartz

Posted December 21, 2017
by Anne

Is one better than the other?

 Whether you are an occasional home cook, aspire to create memorable meals like a pro, or consider take-out and meal delivery the only option for a hectic schedule, your kitchen requires both function and a visual aesthetic.

Granite Island


Quartz Island, Countertop & Walls

Ask yourself these three lifestyle questions.

When deciding the aesthetics of your countertop, consider these questions.

Do you prefer a work and entertaining space? (Don’t we all end up in the kitchen at the best gatherings?)

Do you prefer a soothing, serene and classic space, or something very fashion forward with a touch of flair?

Is light and bright your happy place, or total drama with bold and unique selections?

Whatever works best in terms of overall design, your countertops are a critical component of that design concept. You will most likely spend a great deal of time in that space.

The Basics

Granite, a 100% natural stone is mined from stone quarries located all over the world.  It’s one of the hardest natural stones available and once cut down to size and polished, it’s a unique and functional material for countertops.

Quartz countertops are manufactured using natural quartz and bonded with polymer resins.  Both materials overwhelmingly are composed of natural stone.


Creating your own unique design

Granite countertops provide a great many options in a large range of colors, movement and swaths of color.   The variation within any slab of granite is what makes each installation truly unique, no two are ever the same. If you embrace that randomness that is the natural stone, you will create something uniquely yours.


Man-made quartz slabs that have far greater consistency of pattern and color. Quartz offers the look of stone but the slab selection process is easier because a homebuyer is not required to search for the granite slab that coordinates with one’s style scheme.

Quartz can give you the marble look!

Many homebuyers today love the look of marble, but it is not warranted for kitchen use because marble and onyx are the softest of the natural stones which can easily stain and etch. Granites in generally do not mimic marble, so if that’s the style you prefer, check out the newest quartz products. They emulate beautiful veined marbles without as many maintenance or warranty issues. What a great solution available today!


Care & Maintenance

For general care, regardless of the use of granite or quartz, preventative maintenance is the key. Since granite is porous, it should be sealed annually to prevent staining from household foods and beverages. Generally, if spills are wiped up quickly, granite shouldn’t stain, however, liquids that do not evaporate, such as cooking oils will stain if left to soak into the granite.  Use only pH balanced stone cleaners as any cleaner that is not pH balanced will begin to remove the sealer.

Cooking Oil left on Granite


Hot Pan Left on Quartz

So, which one should you select?

Opt for the countertop material that you find most aesthetically pleasing!  Select the granite or quartz that reflects the atmosphere you would like to create in your kitchen, and one that functions best with your lifestyle.

Granite Countertop


Quartz Countertop


There really is no wrong choice; there’s just personal preference among many beautiful and functional selections.



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