How to Make Your New Homebuyers Happier

Posted October 12, 2020
by Jennifer Kamenca

Jennifer Kamenca


The 2020 NAR Generational Trends report shows that the second top reason a buyer would prefer to purchase a new construction home over a resale home is their ability to choose and customize design features. Yet many new construction builders are selling homes without offering buyers the ability to customize their homes the way they expect.  The world has taken a massive leap into the digital world and has gone design crazy!  If you can go online and customize your car, why can’t you do it with your new home?  With Momentum Design, you can.

Momentum Design offers buyers photorealistic visualization of their specific plan, the ability to choose products, and see them rendered immediately with live pricing.  And Momentum Design provides homebuilders the same or better efficiencies they get from packages.  It’s a true win, win!




Here’s how your homebuyers who have to use packages experience the design process:

  • Package buyers who are faced with choosing from packages are relegated to a lower package if their budget doesn’t meet the one they want. This makes for very unhappy buyers.
  • Package buyers are concerned their house will be a cookie-cutter version and look exactly like their neighbor’s home.
  • Package buyers can’t envision what the products offered will look like in their home by looking at samples and often regret their selection choices.




Here’s how your homebuyers who use Momentum Design experience the design process:

  • Momentum Design buyers can use every penny of their budget and focus it on the things that mean the most to them.
  • Momentum Design buyers can mix and match products the way that they desire.
  • Momentum Design buyers can design their homes from anywhere, with a visualization that will allow them to see what the products will look like in their home so they can be confident in their selections.


Momentum Design has truly revolutionized the design process.  And that’s not just our opinion.  Surveyed buyers of Momentum Design love the program. They tell us how important it is to be able to create design after design and understand exactly how their selections will impact their budget.  Sales agents love the program too. Specifying homes has never been easier and more fun to do!

We’d love the opportunity to talk to you more about Momentum Design and walk you through a customized demo.  Just CLICK HERE for more information.

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