The Importance of Carpet Cushion-The Magic below the Carpet

Posted April 13, 2018
by Gail


The carpet cushion can be just as important as the carpet itself!  What makes one carpet cushion better than the other?  The simple answer is: Density!  Padding, or cushion manufacturers have introduced many different types of cushion, and the cushion you select will impact your carpet investment significantly.  Generally, the denser the pad, the better your carpet will wear over time.


How to maximize the value of your carpet


Select the best carpet cushion you can afford.  It’s widely understood that a house is only as strong as its foundation.  The same holds true for your carpet.  The foundation of the carpet is the cushion, and a quality cushion will maximize the life of your carpet. Upgrading the carpet cushion instantly makes even the least expensive carpet feel plusher. Ask your designer to place your carpet sample on top of the cushion sample on the floor of the studio.  You’ll be able to feel the difference that the premium cushion can offer instantly.


The choices of cushion


There are two primary types of carpet cushion to select from: Rebond and Memory Foam. Rebond cushions are small scraps of foam that are compressed together and it’s offered in six, eight, and ten-pound densities.  Memory Foam cushions are considered the premium cushion and it’s made with high-grade viscoelastic scrap, but the scrap used is a much higher grade material. The colors of either installed cushion as compared to the sample in the studio may vary due to the recycled nature of the product.



Memory Foam cushion is very different from Rebond cushion. Memory Foam cushions cost more than Rebond, but the Memory Foam cushion springs back offering a softer feel to the carpet and lasts for a longer period of time. Memory Foam cushions can also come with moisture barriers, anti-microbial and pet protection qualities.  Memory Foam cushion with a moisture barrier is the same foam cushion with a barrier on top. Pet accidents or spills won’t soak into the cushion, but instead will sit on top. This feature helps to reduce stains that re-emerge by wicking after a professional cleaning.  Wicking occurs when a stain has soaked into the cushion and reabsorbs back into the carpet.

The anti-microbial benefit of the moisture barrier inhibits mildew growth.  For allergy sufferers, this is an important feature of the Memory Foam moisture barrier.


The cushion benefits are many


The benefits to selecting a quality carpet cushion are many.  Dense cushion not only prolongs the life of the carpet, but it lessens the impact of high traffic because it protects the carpet backing from breaking down.  The breaking down of the carpet backing is what causes the aging process of the carpet to accelerate. The carpet begins to have a wavy appearance and the fibers appear worn without a quality cushion.

A quality carpet cushion makes the cleaning of your carpet more efficient as well.  Dirt is more easily removed because of the increased air flow as the pad raises the carpet off the floor.  This also assists in reducing allergic reactions.  Quality cushion also provides insulation by increasing thermal insulation and dampens sound, which can be especially important in two story homes.



Carpet combines value, comfort and style to your new home, but the top layer isn’t all that’s responsible for the wonderful, soft, carpet feel beneath your feet!

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