Inspiration for Home Design

Posted February 13, 2018
by Audrey

Inspiration in Your Closet

 When faced with the challenge to design your own home most often we look to design magazines, TV shows, and popular websites for inspiration. What if I told you that inspiration is just around the corner? It literally is. Just take a few steps from your bedroom and head straight into your closet. This can easily translate into styling and designing a home that you are most comfortable with and that you’ll surely love. The inspiration is you!

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you look inside. What type of style do you mostly wear? What colors are in your closet? What type of accessories do you have? Here is an example of how I dissect my closet and translate it into designing my own personal home.



 Most of my closet contains the work week of buttoned up collared shirts and slacks, a small section of comfortable jeans and T-shirts for the weekend, and an occasional dress for a fun filled Saturday.

Translation: this is the formula of how I would scale my design. With the bulk of my closet having more structured and form fitting items, large pieces in my home would mirror that. My sofa has a tailored look, and my coffee table and TV stand are designed with simple straight lines.  Smaller in scale, my side chair has a colorful floral print with a more organic shape just like my occasional dress. Throw blankets and pillows mimic my weekend outfits. They are oversized with soft textiles that are comfy and cozy.



 What I see the most are neutrals with the occasional pop of richly hued reds and blues.

Translation: I am more comfortable with neutral colors for large scale items such as my paint, sofa, and rug with a minimal amount of reds, blues, and prints. My side chair has the most colorful floral print which I evenly disperse a splash of color throughout the space with my pillows, throw blanket, and accessories.



 What do I mostly wear? As of late, I’ve been selecting gold when it certainly has been silver for years, but it would be more dependent on what outfit I am wearing.

Translation: Don’t be afraid to use more than one metal as mixing metals has become a trend in the fashion and interior design industry. Mixed metals when done right creates a beautiful combination. A way to successfully achieve this is to pick a dominant metal and allow the others to be smaller in scale. Also, keeping them separate at different planes. I’ve designed with silver metals placed at counter height or lower and the golds are at eye level and higher. My framed artwork is a combination where satin nickel which is warm in tone, goes well with my gold frames. It really works!



So, if it’s time to move into your new home and you’re not sure where to find inspiration, start with your closet!  You’ll discover your home design style there too!


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