Interior Paint – Yes or No or Whatever?

Posted June 20, 2017
by Berni


To paint or not to paint?  That is the question!!!  Like flooring, interior color should be considered an integral part of finishing a home.  It serves as an anchor color, embracing the home in its entirety.  Think about it and look around you.  All the color you see has a trigger on how you feel or will feel.  Pretty profound when you really think about it.  No doubt selecting the right paint color can be quite a daunting venture for most people.  And understandably so.  It reveals a personal taste and therefore, something about yourself.  It’s a big jump for most, and not always are we ready to take the leap.  Having said this, it is a pretty brave step to commit to a color.  I think this is why it is easier to just say white is fine (the standard paint typically Swiss Coffee).  And we hardly find ourselves saying “white is great!”.  While some may argue, white is pretty much a non-color.  But wait a minute, I am not about to be a snob.  I will say from my design standpoint, it requires discriminating, careful and special combination of design elements and a trifecta of finish choices in the interior architecture to justify white interior walls to be effective and make one feel really good about being in it.  This matters a ton to me.

I sense the trepidation to consider a different interior color usually, and when I start to talk about keeping the interior walls a “white canvas”, I encourage clients to picture their white or dark cabinets against white walls, and then take a hard look at the white cabinets against another interior color such as Sherwin Williams Worldly Gray or Accessible Beige to name just a few.  I show them photos to compare and alas, they see it.  The light bulb is on!  The white cabinets and the whole kitchen – countertops, splash, and all – even the appliances for that matter, come to the forefront becoming a feature.  And rightfully so, given how much time all of us spend in this truly special hub in our home.

I have to say it.  Without color, life is a big yawn.


This bathroom can really hold its own with white walls!

I think this entry will not be as grand looking without SW7030 Anew Gray on the walls. Do you feel the “embrace”?!?

This kitchen has multiple design components to bring it together – even with SW Swiss Coffee walls.

Dark cabinets, textured splash, dark floors – the wall color kissed with SW7030 Anew Gray.

Hmmmm… Standard flooring, and what else…. I sense something missing here. Even the door and the trims will become features if only there is color on the walls!

Dark, contemporary cabinets – modern kitchen with a touch of warmth on the walls SW7043 Wordly Gray.

Framed mirrors would have helped and give the white walls a pass. Without these, I can think of so many colors that will give this Master Bathroom a breath of life!

A modern bathroom that is softened just a tad by SW7648 Big Chill.

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