Mike Moore introduces “Fulfilling the New American Dream”

Posted February 28, 2018
by Debbie

Out with the Old and prepare for the New!


 Well-known homebuilding industry leader and teacher Mike Moore, of Moore Leadership and Peak Performance spent the morning of February 7th motivating and coaching many prominent Sales Consultants from the top Home Builders in the region.

Old economic rules are giving way to a new economy where transformation is needed in the ways we relate, educate, and service our new homebuyers.  These transformations are driven by changes in technology and advancements in artificial intelligence, as well as demographics, globalization, and the desires of the homebuyers.



Why is “the old” so appealing?


 Our habits, pre-established actions, routines, and past rituals define our comfort zone. Embracing these behaviors minimize risks and stress.  As humans we’re wired to seek out comfort. And while staying in our comfort zone can result in consistent, steady performance, stepping out of it, and making changes to our traditional mindset, can create conditions for optimal performance and bigger rewards.

Mike says, People everywhere, in every industry, are aware of the need to change, but many are challenged by old habits, their desire for comfort and a return to past successes. Too many leaders are suffering from ‘Economic Normalcy Bias’!”


Why should we embrace “the new”?


 Adaptability is needed in our ever-changing environment to maintain relevancy.  Over the years, only the top 5% of salespeople seem to keep up with the changing attitudes and beliefs of their customers.  New problems require new solutions and being stuck in our old ways is counterproductive for our homebuyers, our industry, our sales, and ourselves.  Ignoring the changes in attitudes and desires of our homebuyers puts us at risk of being replaced.


If 40%-53% of people shopping for a new home, prefer a new home, why is the industry only capturing 10%?


Are we selling real estate? No, we’re selling a Lifestyle. New homebuyers want to buy new homes so that they can personalize it before they move in. When it’s suggested to the home buyer to just go with the offered selections and fix it up later, they opt to forego the new home and fix up where they’re living now.



Meet Pepper the Robot


 Humanoid robots like Pepper can make a big difference in how companies interact with customers because of their ability to communicate verbally. Pepper can serve as a greeter, it can offer help with information at a sales office, give a demonstration about products, it can also be used to guide people through places like model homes.  Pepper can be programed to answer in any language all the information a homebuyer could possibly need with huge savings to the human resource budget.



Humanoid v. Human


Pepper can offer exact specifications to a homebuyer; it can offer the same information repeatedly, highlighting the model features, focusing on the many builder options, educate on the benefits of upgrading the flooring, and calculate costs to the loan.

But humans still have an advantage in three areas.   We can apply common sense to a problem or new situation, we are creative beings, and we have emotion.

Surveys show that homebuyers want a trusted advisor when they are going through the process of purchasing a new home.  Our ability to feel emotions, sense nuances, and understand the emotions of others is one of our most unique human traits, one that Pepper cannot duplicate.



The Human Touch


Expressing genuine empathy, respect, care and trust is what homebuyers desire.  They want an advisor who will honestly prepare them for the process, adapt to their attitudes and beliefs, understand their desires, support their challenges, and care about them.

We can be honest with our homebuyers and say “no” when we understand that most custom requests result in a delay in production, a high cost to our companies, a challenge to execute, and a disappointment for our homebuyers. We can and should be honest when we advise them that they will need to prepare to spend $XX,XXX.XX at the Design Studio because it’s the model that they fell in love with, and they are not buying a “fixer upper”.

We know they want to purchase a new home because they value an open concept kitchen-great room.  And they desire an outdoor living space, multi-generational living, smart home technology, and hard surface flooring downstairs.



Transforming our service


Rewiring our brains and embracing our natural advantage of connecting emotionally as humans is appealing to us because it’s what we already know deep down inside. Stepping out from behind the sales desk, walking with the buyer through the model, while focusing on connecting with the homebuyer is where the magic is.  A new house is the new American dream.  And in this dream, it’s the pure and simple truth of what homebuyer’s desire, and Pepper can’t duplicate that.  Mike Moore reminded us all of that using practical, humorous, and inspirational ways of enhancing our relationships with our homebuyers.


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