The Organized Kitchen

Posted January 08, 2018
by Marah

Simple Strategies for a Well-Organized Kitchen


Congratulations, you are now the owner of your brand-new home! It is a time filled with such excitement but with so much to do that it can be overwhelming as well. It can be very tempting to simply push your belongings somewhere out of sight in your new home to feel that deeply satisfying rush you get when emptying those boxes. We can tell ourselves “I will organize things better later” but somehow later doesn’t come soon enough. I am here to kindly say “DON’T DO IT”! I am specifically referring to your kitchen which as we know is the heartbeat of any home. While it’s exciting to start clearing those boxes, with just a little time of preparation you can have a well-organized and very functional kitchen.


Establish Those Cabinet Zones


If you choose to line your cabinets and drawers now is the time. Especially if you have glass cabinet doors and want to add a pop of drama with wallpaper.  But the most important task I would suggest it simply starting with post-it notes on your cabinets with what type of items will go in that area according to use. Once your zones are established you can start emptying those boxes.


Your Cooking and Baking Zone


Now, let’s start with your cooking and baking areas. If your new kitchen doesn’t include built-in spice racks you may purchase spice organizers at most home stores. Spices should go next to your range, either to the left or right upper cabinet. These will be within easy reach when creating your favorite dishes. On the opposite side of the range I would suggest housing your cookbooks and recipe boxes. The lower drawers beside the range would be all your cooking utensils. There are many organizers offered in retail stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target. The lower cabinets are where you would store pots, pans on one side & bake ware on the other. Now you have an ideal cooking & baking zone.


Ah Yes, the Coffee Station!


Dishes and silverware are best kept close to the dishwasher to easily put away after washing. Glasses are ideal next to the refrigerator for quick refreshment.  You can maximize your space for dishes and glass ware with racks that can also be purchased in most retail establishments.

Now, if coffee is essential for you then a coffee station is in order. Wherever you have space in between the previously mentioned zones you can arrange your cups, coffees, teas, coffee maker and/or kettle.


Is a “Junk Drawer” Taboo?


Now every organizing pro will probably tell you that a “junk drawer” is taboo, “everything in its place” and all. Now try not to judge me too harshly, I must confess that this is not something I have personally been able to eliminate from my life. I am guilty of the drawer filled with batteries, aim-a-flames, tape, etc.  I bring this up to say that perfection is not the goal, it is a home not a museum!


In another zone of your choosing, you will want to house all those storage containers. If you haven’t already done this while packing, now is the time to make sure every container had a matching lid & and every lid has its container and say goodbye to any single strays.


Remember, your kitchen should be functional and organized but is ultimately meant for gathering, entertaining, and nourishing those who are nearest and dearest.




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