Who should come to the design appointment?

All decisions makers are encouraged to attend the appointment. As personalized selections are finalized signatures will be required by those contracted on the purchase of the home.

You have so many locations, why am I going to this design studio?

Your wonderful builder has predetermined the best design studio location for you to meet with your design professional.

Can I bring my freelance designer with me to my appointment?

Sure! We work well with others. While we have a design professional ready to work with you and guide you through every step of the way, your outside designer’s voice will be heard in the appointment.

How long will my appointment be?

You should plan on 2-3 hours for your appointment.

Is there a way to better prepare for my appointment?

Great question! I recommend taking the style quiz if you haven’t done so already, available on our website. This will help you and your assigned design professional pin point the best enhancements for your new home. Discuss a budget with all decision makers ahead of time, knowledge is power. Lastly, plan on bringing your check book to leave a deposit for your personalized selections.

Should I get a babysitter during the design appointment?

While we’re family friendly and love children, it can be difficult to focus on all the many details during your design appointment if you have cute little distractions. We recommend arranging for child care ahead of time since the design studio isn’t childproof and the appointments are regularly 2-3 hours.

Will I need to leave a deposit when personalizing selections for my new home?

As your Sales Advisor mentioned previously when contracting your new home, you will be required to leave a deposit for your personalized selections. The deposit amount may vary from Options & Flooring to Walls & Counters. You design professional can inform you of the deposit percentages specified by your builder.

Is someone assigned to just me?

Absolutely! We assign a team of designers to each new community. They work with the builder Sales Advisors to trigger us when we have a new home buyer. RDS will keep the builder informed of your design process as together, we turn your house into a home.

Should I bring pictures of rooms with designs I like?

Definitely! Our design professionals are thrilled when you’re able to share what inspires you. Pictures, fabrics, and swatches are a great way to clearly convey the envision you have for your personal space.

Are my counter tops sealed?

Once your slab has been fabricated and installed, RDS does seal the slabs as a courtesy to our home buyers. Sealing should be done at least once a year and we recommend following manufacturers daily care to protect the beauty of your slab.

Will there be an interpreter on the premises?

Servicing the large geographic locations RDS covers as well as the many different dialects its best to arrange to have someone accompany you to your design appointment if you feel there may be a possible language barrier.  We want you to be well informed of the materials and surfaces you select for your home. Please feel free to bring any type of translation equipment to ensure the appointment is productive. Trust us, this is the fun part!

Should I have a budget in mind prior to my appointment?

Knowing your budget will be a great benefit to you. During what is called your “Lifestyle Appointment” your design professional will ask you questions in an effort to quantify the areas of most importance in your home. You design professional will be able to guide you through the personalization process and stay within your realistic budget.

Where do I get warranty information?

Care and Warranty information is provided to you at the close of your design studio appointment. Your assigned design professional will spend time with you reviewing the materials you’ve selected for your home. We want to help you maintain your selections properly. If at any time, after the close of your home, you have questions and are having difficulty finding answers, you may contact our customer service department as they are standing by to assist.

Why does the builder partner with RDS to complete the finishing touches on my home?

As a builder, you establish communities in a variety of locations. In order to accommodate the design process, they partner with RDS offering you the best of both worlds. Employing our expertise to guide you through the finalization process of personalizing your new home and utilizing our many design studios located conveniently nearby.

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