Single Family Services

Our team has accredited design professionals qualified to guide your buyer through the personalization of their production home. Making options management a seamless endeavor by using our proprietary systems and experienced support staff. We pride ourselves on customer care. Providing quality walks when the home is completed and detailed product care instructions for each home buyer. Together, we make it happen.

Momentum Design™

You want efficiency, but your buyers want choice.  Momentum Design™ means you can have both.

RDS combines the latest visualizer technology with carefully curated products and upgrades that make designing a new home engaging and easy, from the sales office or our design studio.

Experience higher closing rates, enhanced margins and shorter cycle times with Momentum Design™.

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Blog: The RDS Corner

3 Ways Virtual Design Visualizers Help You Enhance Closing Rates
by Jennifer Kamenca
September 11, 2020
When we talk about Momentum Design™ having a direct impact on closing rates, it's easy to see how. Here are three ways virtual design visualizers can help you increase your closing rates.
Studio Spotlight: Manassas, VA
by Jennifer Kamenca
April 4, 2020
Design Studio Spotlight on Manassas, VA
COVID-19 Response and Preparedness Information
by Jennifer Kamenca
March 23, 2020
We are constantly monitoring and updating our response to the coronavirus situation and will update this post as needed.